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Calorie Club at Bene-Fit Gym Ayr

The Calorie Club

Individual Goal Specific plans to suit your lifestyle

At Bene-FIT we LOVE food and understand your frustrations. No one likes a boring eating plan that very quickly becomes boring and leads you to losing focus and motivation. If your aim is to become healthier, lose weight (lean) or put on weight (bulk) but love food and want to be able to enjoy a variety of different meals while achieving your goal, don’t worry we are here to help. What makes our plans different from some of those fad diets you might have tried in the past, is macro counting. This is a goal specific form of calorie counting that will help you achieve ANY goal while still being able enjoying healthy lifestyle plan that WORKS and without sticking to the salad-only plan to lose weight or chicken only plan to put weight on.

More about The Calorie Club at Bene-FIT Gym in Ayr

Macro Counting is essentially a more goal specific form of calorie counting. Our daily food intake should be a balance of all 3 of the major Macro food groups (carbohydrates, fats and protein) as well as the essential minerals, vitamins etc that our body requires on a daily basis. Some other diets encourage you to cut out or reduce Carbohydrate or Fats. When following a Macro plan you are able to enjoy all food groups and still achieve your goal at the same time. Your daily plan provides you with specific protein, carbohydrate, and fat targets to build your daily meals around. Fat is the most energy dense Macronutrient having 9 calories per gram, Carbohydrates and Proteins both have 4 calories per gram. After getting your Macro figures you are really just playing a numbers game until each food group has reached its target, see an example below -

An Individual on a 1400 Calories per Day Limit

Macronutrient Grams Calories per gram Total Kcal
Protein 143 4 572
Carbs; 143 4 572
Fats 30 9 270

The figures prescribed are specific to your body and your goals, therefore numbers will differ across the board making each Macro count PERSONAL to you only. The good thing about this plan is if it fits your macros, it works. We stress you look to include the best quality of food possible as this will help form the best habits and results you will achieve.

There are 7 classes that are included as part of the Calorie Club. The first time you attend 1 of these classes you will decide on your fitness goal, lose weight (lean out), maintain weight or put on weight (build muscle/bulk). After doing this you will then have your weight, body fat % and measurement taken by one of our Personal Trainers and you will be given an individual Calories total along with the correct amount in grams for each macronutrient (Carbohydrate, Fat and Proteins). Congratulations your journey has begun!!

To assist your journey there will be support and review sessions every 2 weeks where you can have your weight, body fat % and measurements reviewed, ask any questions you may have. One of our Personal Trainers will lead these support sessions, and at each sessions there will be different recipes, home workouts and help available to make following your plan a lot easier .

Working towards any fitness goal can seem a lonely, boring and difficult task but being part of the Calorie club with the support and working with our passionate staff you will reap the Bene-FIT’s and achieve your goal.